The Parish Council staff are managed by the Parish Clerk on behalf of the Parish Council.  The full title for the Parish Clerk is 'The Proper Officer and Responsible Financial Officer', and they are responsible for carrying out the services of the Parish Council.

The Council has an Admin Assistant, who can be found in the Parish Council office along with the Parish Clerk.  They have three handypeople, who help keep the village looking clean and tidy, along with doing any minor repairs for the Council.  Then within the four Council buildings we have 5 members of staff who are the caretakers and cleaners for the buildings.


Parish Clerk    -             Mrs Andrea Smith

Admin Assistant   -        Mrs Cheryl Mumby

Handyperson   -             Mr William Robinson, Mr Dave Drury and Mr Martin Jeins

Caretaker / cleaner    -   Mrs Lesley Saunders, Mr Robert Mallet, Mrs Debbie Fillingham,

                                       Miss Rebekah McIntosh and Mr Graham Walker