Village Sign

Welcome to Waddington Parish Council

Waddington Parish Council comes under the District of North Kesteven District Council and the County of Lincolnshire County Council.  

The Parish is split into two wards, East Ward and West Ward.  We have 8 Councillors in the East Ward and 7 Councillors in the West Ward, a total of 15 Councillors.

The Council owns and manages 4 Community Buildings, The Village Hall, Redwood Drive Community Centre, The Community Hub and the Changing Rooms.  They also, own and manage 6 playing fields / playgrounds, these are as follows;  High Street playground, Cairns Way playground, Redwood Drive playing field and playground, Sidney Hall Field playing field and skate park, Village Hall playing field and  Pitsford Close playground.

The Council owns and manages many of the village facilities, like bus shelters, benches, street lights and bins.