11th March 2024



HELD ON 11th MARCH 2024



Present:        Councillors:          Barling, Bayston, Carcass, Forrester, Gallagher, Hadfield,

Hopkins, Hurst, Sanders (Chairman), Richardson, Williams, Wilson


Clerk:                   Mrs Smith, Mrs Mumby




1.   Apologies for absence. (Reasons to be given to the Clerk in advance of the meeting)

Apologies were received from Cllrs Barnshaw and Spence due to ill health.

It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Hopkins and seconded by Cllr Barling that they accept the apologies and reasons for absence.

All agreed.  Carried.


2.   Declarations of interest for any agenda item.

Cllr Bayston declared a personnel interest in agenda item 11a.


3.  Signing of the minutes.  To accept the Clerk’s notes from the meeting held on 12th February 2024.

It was proposed by Cllr Gallagher and seconded by Cllr Sanders that the minutes of 12th February were a true record of the meeting, and they were agreed to be signed.

11 Agreed, 1 Abstention, Carried.


4.   Finance

a)   Monthly finance report – to receive and accept the monthly finance report.

It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Hopkins and seconded by Cllr Gallagher that the finance reports be accepted.

All agreed.  Carried.


b)   Authorising of the payments. To resolve to authorise the BACS payments listed by the RFO and certify invoices.

It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Hopkins and seconded by Cllr Barling that the BACS payments and invoices could be signed.

All agreed.  Carried.


5.   Clerks Report and Correspondence.

The Clerk informed that the office and Cllr Sanders had been contacted by a resident of Fir Tree Avenue, regarding the streetlights going off at night.  Some of the streetlights on Fir Tree Avenue, Hollywell Road and Redwood Drive are LCC lights and therefore, they go off from 12pm to 6am.  The resident goes to work around 4am at which time it is dark.  They had contacted highways who had told her to contact the Parish Council.  After a discussion with highways the office was informed that the Parish Council can pay a one-off fee to have the lights put on.  An article from 2020 stated that we could pay £300 per light to have the lights on over night.  However, if we were to do this for one resident, we would have to do it for the whole village could be a lot of lights. 

The Clerk had emailed highways asking if the fee was still £300 and how many lights there were in Waddington.  However, the Parish Council have 86 lights, so if highways had 80 lights this would be a cost of £24,000.  Once the Clerk had received a reply from highways it would be put on the agenda for discussion.


The Clerk commented that following the open forum, would the Parish Council like a picture of the King.

It was proposed by Cllr Sanders and seconded by Cllr Hurst that they do apply for a picture of the king.

8 Agreed, 3 Against, 1 Abstention.  Carried.


The Clerk informed that has the handymen were now going to be cutting the burial ground they needed a new lawnmower.

It was proposed by Cllr Gallagher and seconded by Cllr Hurst that the Clerk is authorised to purchase a lawnmower, up to £1000.

All agreed, Carried.


6.   Matters arising from the last meeting.  Only for discussion.



7.   To receive and accept the resignation from Councillor Jimmy Clarke.   

It was proposed by Cllr Bayston and seconded by Cllr Sanders that they accept the resignation.

All agreed, Carried.


8.  To discuss the Village Hall Playground.  Deferred from last month’s meeting, to be discussed following the site meeting. 

A letter had been received from Dr and Mrs Broughton the week before the meeting and it had been emailed to all the Councillors.

The Councillors had visited the site prior to the meeting.

The security and tidying up of the playground were discussed.

It was proposed by Cllr Sanders and seconded by Cllr Williams that all the bushes / hedging within the playground be removed.

All agreed.  Carried

It was proposed by Cllr Hadfield and seconded by Cllr Gallagher that a 6 ft fence that you can see through, be erected 2m away from the boundary, with a gate at one end. 

10 Agreed, 2 Against.


9.   To discuss the trees along the top of the playing field by the A607.  Deferred from last month’s meeting, to be discussed following the site meeting.

There had been no evidence of bind weed, but it was the wrong time of year for this, so it would be monitored.  There was however, ivy around the trees, it was agreed that this should be cut off at the base and left to die, then removed.

The Councillors had noticed some large openings in the tree line.

It was proposed by Cllr Sanders and seconded by Cllr Gallagher that they erect a picket fence / post and rail fence in the gaps and plant some hawthorn and blackthorn to fill the gaps.  Along with tidying and widening the entrance at the south end of the tree line.

All agreed,  Carried.


10.   To discuss the roundabout in the High Street Playground.  Deferred from last month’s meeting, to be discussed following the site meeting.

Cllr Hadfield had been in touch with the manufacturer of the roundabout who had sent him two manuals.  Cllr Hadfield, Wilson and Barling were going to work together on the roundabout to see what the problem was and if it could be fixed. 


11.  To discuss two emails from LCC regarding proposed waiting restrictions. 

a.   Redwood Drive, Primary School.

It was proposed by Cllr Sanders and seconded by Cllr Hurst that they agree with the proposed waiting restrictions for Redwood Drive, Primary School.

11 Agreed, 1 Abstention.  Carried.


b.   High Street / Church Lane.

It was proposed by Cllr Bayston and seconded by Cllr Sanders that they agree with the proposed waiting restrictions for High Street / Church Lane.

11 Agreed, 1 Against.  Carried.


12.   Urgent matters for attention – Items which the Chairman is of the opinion should be considered as a matter of urgency due to special circumstances.



13.  Date of the next meeting.  The Annual Parish Meeting will be at 6pm on Monday 8th April 2024, followed by the Parish Council Meeting 7pm, both will be held in Redwood Drive Community Centre.


Meeting closed at 9.15pm.




Open Forum


Fg Off Kris McMullan attended the meeting, he introduced himself and informed that he had nothing to report at present, but was happy to take questions, which he may not be able to answer straight away but he would get a response and get back to us. 


Cllr Gallagher asked when the next exercise was due.


Fg Off McCullan informed that the next exercise, was Exercise Cobra Warrior in September.



Liam and Gill Broughton attended the meeting.  He informed that he had dropped a letter into the office, and that they highly agree with the priority of safeguarding the children.  They were keen to hear the views of the Council following the site visit.

They informed that they were having stones thrown over the fence from the corner of the playground.  The corner of the playground is a risk to the youngsters, from broken glass and cans. 


Cllr Hadfield commented that as he read the letter, the main issues are security.  He asked if they would like a gap between the fence and their fence and there was an issue with anti-social behaviour.


Liam and Gill Broughton replied yes to Cllr Hadfield.


District Councillors

Cllr Pennell informed that the new NK Plan has been reissued. 

The child who won the NK leader for the day, was from Winchelsea School in Ruskington, he has proposed a litter pick to take place on the 29th March, when the leader and chairman of the Council will join them.  This ties in with the great NK spring clean which runs from 15th March to 31st March.

The garden waste scheme is open for renewal.


Cllr Cooper sent his apologies.


Cllr Sanders informed that research was being carried out to find locations where residents would like to see electric car charging points.  Parish and town Councils can apply for a free portrait of the king, this is open from 12th Feb to 28th March.

The NK walking festival is on from the 15th June to 30th June, there are 50+ led walks over 16 days, wellbeing walks, social strolls, town trails and more.  Information can be found on letsmovelincolnshire.com/events/nk-walking-festival-2024



County Councillor

Cllr Tom Dyer informed that the LCC had increased the council tax by 5%, 3% basic and 2% social care.  They had a slight budget surplus this year of £7m, of which £2.5m has been allocated to highways and they will be putting solar panels on the Council buildings.

On Wednesday there is an extraordinary meeting to discuss the response to the devolution deal, they received 4,101 responses, overall positive response for the deal, however they are not in support of the governance.

He informed that the Grantham Road 30mph proposal has gone out for public consultation.

The drains on Station Road have been checked, they were blocked in places and broken in some places, work orders have been put in.

Somerton Gate Lane will be closed 18th to 22nd March, whilst work is carried out along the edge of the carriageway.

Manor Lane will be closed between the 1st and 5th April, by National Gride, whilst work is carried out on the street lights.



Finance Report for February 2024


Current Account


Balance as at 1 February 2024




Transferred from Deposit Account




Add Receipts


Village Hall



Burial Ground



Redwood Drive Community Centre






LCC - Grass Cutting



Stall Fee







Less Expenditure





Wages for February 2024



PAYE for February 2024



refunded deposits



British Gas






Lincoln Signs & Services






Other expenses





Balance as at 29 February 2024




Deposit Account


Balance as at 1 February 2024




Less transferred to Current Account




Add Interest Received




Balance as at 29 February 2024




Money Breakdown


Current Account



Deposit Account





CIL Money



S106 money



Reserves & Precept













Accounts for Payment






Element Marquees

20% dep for Summer Fair Marquee


Element Marquees

20% dep for Christmas Fair Marquees



Electricity for Hub


Document Solutions

photocopier usage



hand towels, toilet roll



quarterly street light maintenance



Smoke alarms, batteries, black bags,


Mr Ian Richardson

window cleaning


Clerks & Council Direct

annual subscription



annual licence fee for Village Hall




















Accounts Paid Since last meeting






Lincoln Signs & Services

Grass Cutting



Gas for Changing Rooms