13th February 2023






Present:        Councillors:          Bayston, Edwards, Gallagher, Hallam, Mrs Hopkins, Kenyon,

    Sanders (Chair), Spence, Williams, Wilson


Clerk:                   Mrs Smith, 




1.   Apologies for absence. (Reasons to be given to the Clerk in advance of the meeting)

Apologies were received from Cllr Stewart who was unable to attend due to work commitments and Cllr Norman who was in hospital.

It was proposed by Cllr Gallagher and seconded by Cllr Mrs Hopkins that they accept the apologies and reasons for absence.

All agreed.  Carried.


2.   Declarations of interest for any agenda item.



3.  Signing of the minutes.  To accept the Clerk’s notes from the meeting held on 9th January 2023.

It was proposed by Cllr Gallagher and seconded by Cllr Bayston that the minutes of 9th January were a true record of the meeting, and they were agreed to be signed.

7 Agreed, 2 Abstention, Carried.


4.   Finance

a)  Monthly finance report – to receive and accept the monthly finance report.

It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Hopkins and seconded by Cllr Edwards that the finance report be accepted.

All agreed.  Carried.


b)   Authorising of the payments. To resolve to authorise the BACS payments listed by the RFO and certify invoices.

It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Hopkins and seconded by Cllr Gallagher that the BACS payments and invoices could be signed.

All agreed.  Carried.


5.   Clerks Report and Correspondence.

The Clerk informed that she had received a letter from RAF Waddington, informing of Exercise Cobra Warrior that is taking place from 20th February to 31st March.


The fencing has arrived for the dog paddock, so this will be erected as soon as possible.


The Police and Crime Commissioner has informed that he will be attending the Annual Parish Meeting and has asked if there is anything specific we would like him to talk about.

It was agreed that he should talk about Community Policing, and the cancelling of the Cliff Villages Community Meetings that used to take place.


The Warm rooms has now been moved to the Community Hub and the numbers have increased from 3 to 12.  Although not everyone is coming to keep warm, it is there for people to meet other people and not be home alone.


6.   Matters arising from the last meeting.  Only for discussion.



7.   Co-option.  To receive and discuss applications for co-option.

The Clerk informed that she had received two applications for co-option onto the Council, one from a Mr Dave Wilson who was present at the meeting and one from a Mr Roger Richardson who was unable to attend the meeting but would be available next month.


It was proposed by Cllr Bayston and seconded by Cllr Mrs Hopkins that the co-opt, Mr Dave Wilson onto the Council.

All agreed, Carried.

Mr Wilson signed the paperwork and joined the meeting.


It was proposed by Cllr Sanders and seconded by Cllr Mrs Hopkins that they defer co-opting Mr Roger Richardson to next month when he is available to attend the meeting.

8 agreed. 2 Against. Carried.


8.   Parish Council Elections.  To discuss the elections, training, paperwork and timeframe.

All the Councillors were given a copy of the election paperwork, which the Clerk briefly went over the main points.  Training is available by NKDC and the Clerk suggested that where possible they attend the training. 

It was agreed that a letter should be sent regarding the lack of times/dates available to return the paperwork outside working hours, last time there was an option of a Saturday.


9.   To receive and discuss an email from Lindum regarding housing.

It was proposed by Cllr Williams and seconded by Cllr Mrs Hopkins that they ask them to attend the Annual Parish Meeting and do a presentation and take questions, they are not allowed to ask Councillors for their opinion.

9 agreed.  1 Against.  Carried.


10.   Update on the Village Hall one-way system.  To discuss the progress to date.

The Planning permission has been granted for the one-way system.  Unfortunately, Baypark who were originally going to do the work are no longer in business and therefore we are going out to tender again.  Hopefully we will have the quotes for next months meeting.


11.   Urgent matters for attention – Items which the Chairman is of the opinion should be considered as a matter of urgency due to special circumstances.



12.  Date of the next meeting.  The Annual Parish Meeting will be on Monday 6th March at 6.30pm in the Community Hub and the next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 13th March 2023 in the Community Hub.


Meeting closed at 8.30pm.




Open Forum

County Cllr Tom Dyer, CC Report

Cllr Dyer sent his apologies


District Cllr Peter Burley, NKDC Report

Cllr Burley informed that voter ID is essential this year, ID such as bus pass, driving licence and passport can be used, more information is available on the NKDC website.

Elections if unopposed will cost £50, but if an election is required it can cost up to £6,000.

NKDC have received an award for the 8 homes built to the internationally recognised Passivhaus standard in Potterhamworth.  Passivhaus means that they are built to the highest energy-efficient standard available in Europe.


Cllr Bayston asked, why the dates for the submission of the election paperwork is Monday to Friday 9 to 4, when last time they had one on a Saturday.  This penalises those who work.


Cllr Burley did not know why but he informed that he would pass the question on.


District Cllr Lance Pennell, NKDC Report

Cllr Pennell informed that there is a new fearless website for youngsters, for them to report crimes with 100% anonymity to crime stoppers.

The Planning Committee members can now act in 2 roles, one as a member of the committee or as a community advocate, where they don’t speak as a committee member.

The election briefings are taking place next week, Wednesday 22nd Feb, Thursday 23rd Feb and Monday 27th February.


District Cllr Lindsey Cawrey, NKDC Report

Cllr Cawrey sent her apologies.






Finance Report for January 2023


Current Account


Balance as at 1 January 2023




Transferred from deposit account




Add Receipts


Village Hall



Community Hub



Redwood Drive Community Centre



Burial Ground













Less Expenditure





Wages for January 2023



PAYE for January 2023









Lincoln Signs & Services



First Fence Ltd



returned deposits



Other expenses





Balance as at 31 January 2023




Deposit Account


Balance as at 1 January 2023




Less transferred to Current Account




Add interest received




Balance as at 31 January 2023




Money Breakdown


Current Account



Deposit Account





CIL Money



S106 money



Reserves & Precept














Accounts for Payment







Black bags


R J Coyle

Plumbing work in Village Hall, Hub & Changing Rooms


Hills Garden Maintenance

hedge and shrub cutting


MB Electrical

Electrical work in Changing rooms


Acts Trust

Youth Club




















Accounts Paid Since last meeting






Mr Richardson

Window Cleaning


Lincolns Signs & Services

Grass Cutting payments



annual subscription & training fee



licence fee


R J Coyle

plumbing work in Community Hub & Changing rooms



street light repairs


Konica Minolta

photocopier usage and rental


First Fencing

Heras Fencing