17th April 2023



HELD ON 17th APRIL 2023



Present:        Councillors:          Barling, Barnshaw, Bayston, Gallagher, Hallam, Mrs Hopkins,

    Kenyon, Norman, Sanders (Chair), Spence, Stewart,    

    Richardson, Williams, Wilson


Clerk:                   Mrs Smith, 




1.   Apologies for absence. (Reasons to be given to the Clerk in advance of the meeting)

Apologies were received from Cllr Edwards who was unable to attend due to work commitments.

It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Hopkins and seconded by Cllr Williams that they accept the apologies and reasons for absence.

All agreed.  Carried.


2.   Declarations of interest for any agenda item.

Cllrs Mrs Hopkins, Barling and Gallagher declared a personnel interest in agenda item 9.


3.  Signing of the minutes.  To accept the Clerk’s notes from the meeting held on 13th March 2023.

It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Hopkins and seconded by Cllr Barnshaw that the minutes of 13th March were a true record of the meeting, and they were agreed to be signed.

12 Agreed, 2 Abstention, Carried.


4.   Finance

a)  Monthly finance report – to receive and accept the monthly finance report.

It was proposed by Cllr Barnshaw and seconded by Cllr Barling that the finance report be accepted.

All agreed.  Carried.


b)   Authorising of the payments. To resolve to authorise the BACS payments listed by the RFO and certify invoices.

It was proposed by Cllr Barnshaw and seconded by Cllr Mrs Hopkins that the BACS payments and invoices could be signed.

All agreed.  Carried.


5.   Clerks Report and Correspondence.

The Structural survey has been carried out at Redwood Drive, he informed the caretaker that it doesn’t need knocking down, but it will require some work and so we are now awaiting for the full report.


Council tax bills have been received, they are as follows:

Parish Office has decreased by £124.75

Redwood Drive Community Centre has decreased by £49.90

Village Hall has increased by £157.19

Community Hub has decreased by £49.90


Work on the One-way system at the Village Hall will be starting this week and it will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.


The Planning permission for the Old Village Store has been approved.  Visibility at the junction is difficult and we have already received a number of complaints about the 2 black picks ups that are parked outside making it impossible to see left.


It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Hopkins and seconded by Cllr Gallagher to go out of session to allow the County Councillor to speak.

All agreed, Carried.


Cllr Dyer informed that he had foreseen this to be a problem and had requested S106 money so that a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) could be carried out, with the possibility of double yellow lines being put in place.


It was proposed by Cllr Gallagher and seconded by Cllr Mrs Hopkins that they go back into session.

All agreed. Carried.


It was agreed that they would like the TRO to be carried out as soon as possible and that in the meantime the Chairman would go and speak to them about their parking.


A reminder to all those who have submitted the paperwork, you need to complete the expenses form even if it is Nil.  You can send it in individually or bring them into the office.


It was agreed that the Council would ask Sam Edwards, Highways to attend a meeting to discuss the Viking Way bridge over the new by-pass. 


6.   Matters arising from the last meeting.  Only for discussion.



7.   Rebound Wall for Sidney Hall Field.  To receive and discuss the quotes received.

Three quotes had been received, two companies had a standard 3m wide wall and one companies could tailor make the wall, either 5m or 10m wide.

It was proposed by Cllr Williams and seconded by Cllr Norman that they go ahead with the 10m wall at a cost of £4,850.

All agreed.  Carried.


It was proposed by Cllr Wilson and seconded by Cllr Mrs Hopkins that they go ahead with the extra equipment around the Monkey Wall to replace the aeroplane at a cost of £5,450.

13 Agreed.  1 Against.  Carried.


8.   Signage on Rowan Road / Redwood Drive.  To discuss a request from a resident for ‘slow children player’ signage to be put up.

It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Hopkins and seconded by Cllr Williams that they put a request in to Highways for some signage to be placed.

All agreed.  Carried.


9.   New bus stop between Waddington and Bracebridge Heath.    To discuss a request from a resident for a new bus stop on the A607 / Grantham Road, between Waddington and Bracebridge Heath.

It was proposed by Cllr Gallagher and seconded by Cllr Mrs Hopkins that they contact Highways requesting the bus stop on both sides and in the meantime they look into whether the No 1 is a hale and ride service.

All agreed.  Carried.


10.  Village Hall Premises Licence.  To receive and discuss information received following a visit from the compliance officers.

The Clerk informed that under the licence they needed a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS), up to 3 years ago the DPS had been Gerald the man from Mobile Bars who used to run the bar, but he was removed when he retired and since then we do not have a DPS.

The options are we find another DPS or hirers can either work on a bring a bottle basis, or get a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) for an event where they hire in a mobile bar company.


It was proposed by Cllr Gallagher and seconded by Cllr Williams that from now on hirers can either work on a bring a bottle basis or get a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) for an event where they hire in a mobile bar company.

All agreed.  Carried.


11.   PCSO cut backs.  To discuss the PCSO cutbacks and how this will affect Waddington.

In NKDC the PCSOs will be cut from 10 to 2, with the 2 remaining covering Sleaford Town only.

The new PC’s that are being employed will not be working a-s part of the Neighbourhood Policing Team, but will be part of Lincoln, Grantham, Gainsborough teams. 

This will mean that we have only PC Matt Roberts as our neighbourhood police officer, covering Bracebridge Heath, along the cliff to Leadenham and Metheringham, Dunston and surrounding villages. 


It was proposed by Cllr Bayston and seconded by Cllr Williams that they write to both MP’s about their concerns, what does the police part of Council tax pay for and what will happen in rural areas without PCSO.

12 Agreed.  1 Abstention and 1 Against.  Carried.


12.   Urgent matters for attention – Items which the Chairman is of the opinion should be considered as a matter of urgency due to special circumstances.



13.  Date of the next meeting.  The Annual Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 15th May 2023 in the Community Hub.


Meeting closed at 9.00pm.




Open Forum

Susan Leaper, Grantham Road, spoke to the Council about a bus stop on Grantham Road between Waddington and Bracebridge Heath.

The Chairman informed that it was on the agenda under item 9, when it would be discussed.


Mr John Healey, from Grantham Road, spoke to the Council about his concerns regarding the Viking Way and how the paperwork for the new by-pass originally had a footbridge going over it, but not it is no longer there instead you must walk along the side of the new road and cross higher up.  He asked for the Councils support in getting this changed.


County Councillor Dyer informed that the surveying work that has been carried out, uncovered that the undergrowth would not support the by-pass, and therefore they have had to move it slightly.  This means that due to the changes, the depth and width of the area where the bridge would go, would have to be a significant structure, costing lots more and therefore they have moved it up the bypass. 

He informed that he would happily ask Sam Edwards to come along to talk to the Parish Council about the Viking Way bridge only, if this is what they would like.


Mr Graham Woolsey, Hollywell Road, informed that he couldn’t find the details for the meeting on the website and he asked if we had received the report on the survey for Redwood Drive.


The Clerk informed that the survey had been completed but that she was still waiting for the full report.


County Cllr Tom Dyer, CC Report

Cllr Dyer congratulated those who had put their name forwarded and had therefore been elected. 

He informed that the Central Lincolnshire Plan had been approved last week.

The roadworks on Brant Road continue, they are due to finish at the end of the month.

He has reported the potholes on Somerton Gate Lane and 2 potholes that he had reported on Redwood Drive were repaired last week.

You may have seen two black strips across the road in various locations, these are as part of a traffic flow survey around Lincolnshire.

99% of children were offered a place at their first choice of Primary school this year.


District Cllr Lindsey Cawrey, NKDC Report

Cllr Cawrey informed the Council that it has been a pleasure representing Waddington East for the past 12 years, but due to the change in boundaries, she would be standing for Bracebridge Heath this time.  She thanked them and wished them well.


Cllr Gallagher thanked Cllr Cawrey and Cllr Burley, for all they have done for the Parish Council.


District Cllr Peter Burley, NKDC Report

Cllr Burley informed that the Local plan had been adopted.  New parking restrictions are being placed outside of All Saints school, stopping parking close to the school.

The refuge crew will be starting from 6.30am from the 2nd May.

He thanked the Council for having him as the District Councillor for the past 12 years.


District Cllr Lance Pennell, NKDC Report

Cllr Pennell sent his apologies.







Finance Report for March 2023


Current Account


Balance as at 1 March 2023




Add Receipts


Village Hall



Community Hub



Redwood Drive Community Centre



Burial Ground
















Less Expenditure





Wages for March 2023



PAYE for March 2023



Public Works Loan Board



Ace Shelters



Acts Trust



Unity Trust



Other expenses





Balance as at 31 March 2023




Deposit Account


Balance as at 1 March 2023




Less transferred to Current Account




Add  interest received




Balance as at 31 March 2023




Other Expenses





SEFE Energy



Scottish Power






British Gas





















Mr Richardson






Andrea Smith - Expenses



Konica Minolta






Money Breakdown


Current Account



Deposit Account





CIL Money



S106 money



Reserves & Precept














Accounts for Payment






Mr Richardson

Window Cleaning


Element Marquees

deposit for marquee for Chirstmas Fair


Element Marquees

deposit for marquee for Summer Fair



cleaning products and cloths, new cupboard



skip exchange



deposit for fairground package for Summer Fair




















Accounts Paid Since last meeting






Ace Shelters

New Bus shelter


Acts Trust

Youth Club


Konica Minolta

Photocopier usage